Out n Safe Dog Fields
Terms and Conditions of use
When making a booking you agree to abide by the following:

  • All dogs MUST be kept on leads until they are in the secure field.
  • You MUST give sufficient space between you and any other dogs you pass when walking between the field and the car park and DO NOT allow your dog to greet other dogs without the owners permission as not all of the dogs using this facility will want to meet other dogs.
  • Please enter the field via the coded access door leading into the shed marked "ENTER". Please do not enter the field until you are certain that there are no other dogs using the field.
  • Please exit the field via the gate marked "EXIT" only and not via the shed, this is to allow sufficient space between dogs entering the field and dogs leaving the field.
  • Please ensure all gates and doors are closed properly behind you when leaving the fields.
  • Please leave the field when your booking time comes to an end, especially if there are other users waiting for their slot.
  • If you see a poo, pick it up. Please pick up ALL of your dogs poo using the biodegradeable poo bags that are provided and put the bags into the bin labelled "degradeable waste". All other waste is to be put into the bin labelled "general waste". This is to keep our facility clean and we are able to maintain the grass.
  • Please DO NOT allow your dog to dig. This can cause injury to other users and ruins the grass.
  • You may park in the designated car park or immediately outside of the facility. Please leave enough room for other users to get in and out of the car park safely. If you choose to park outside of the facility please leave enough room for lorries and other road users to get in and out of the estate.
  • We regularily check and maintain the fencing, we accept no liability for any dog that escapes from the field. It is the owners responsibilty to ensure the dogs are looked after and that all gates are secure before letting the dog off the lead.
  • Out n Safe Dog Fields accepts no responsibility for damage or any losses incurred whilst using our facility.
  • Out n Safe Dog Fields accepts no responsibility for injury, illness of death of your dog from using our facility. We strongly advise you insure your dogs for all eventualities.
  • If your dog had suffered any illness in the last 48 hours, please do not bring them to the fields. Any dog suffering from diarrhoea is not permitted to use the fields.
  • Please respect our neighbours and keep the noise levels to a minimum.
  • The maximum number of dogs allowed at any one time must not exceed 5. Larger group booking may be accepted in certain circumstances by contacting Out n Safe Dog Fields directly on 07809696649.